About Us

Once, while watching a movie together in cinema, we were impressed by the movie we were watching and the idea of ​​making a positive review of the movie and sharing it on our blog site. So the idea of ​​becoming a bloggers was born, and so we made our hobby a reality. We started writing articles and looking for sources to use to create good quality articles. As movie maniacs, we decided to create a TVHatch site to share with you the latest and exciting news around the world of cinema. Our goal is to have fun and share our emotions with our readers. And you are the most important part of the site to exist. Therefore, our request from you is to share our articles on social sites to reach a larger audience and make the site a fun place for all of us!
As we are not a news agency but a freelancer blogger, we would like to ask you to support us by donating to the site and thereby help us to exist and grow our team and our research.

How you can support us?
– You can make a donation to our PayPal address. The amount is at your discretion. We would appreciate!
– By sharing our articles on social sites and thus reaching a larger audience!
– By sending us your reviews of the movies you wished to make and we will, after preliminary approval, allow them on the site!

Mission and Values
The truth is impartial. We want to show our readers the real news. This is our vision and our mission is dedicated to it.

Many people like to read. This is because in our articles we will strive to be as comprehensive as possible.

We are proud of our innovative thinking. We are ready to take on new challenges and come up with even our wildest ideas. In this line of thought, anyone can always contact us and share their ideas.

Our team is made up of three people who work with passion and passion and very positive energy. This sets us apart from other sites. We would like to pass on this momentum and this positive energy to our readers.

To the readers
To quote Arthur Miller – the “good” news is the one the whole nation is talking about. Our readers hate boring, impersonal, content-depleted, content news. They are people who live with the pulse of the time and want to capture the news in a flash. People with a clear civic awareness that they have the right to be informed, not misinformed. Those who can read even between the lines.

Thank you!