Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage and Jamie Fox in Mel Gibson’s The Wild Bunch

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At the end of September last year it became clear that Warner Bros. have agreed with Mel Gibson to write and direct a new version of Sam Peckinpah’s western classic The Wild Bunch, telling the story of a band of aging bandits preparing one final blow, while industrialization is gradually entering and forever changing America’s Wild West.

Following the announcement of the news, traditionally for our times, complaints have instantly appeared on the Internet – that a remake of Peckinpah ‘s well-known masterpiece will be made, and Gibson (quoted as Holocaust denying and misogynist) will take the lead. And sometimes, especially if these celebrities and industry people are involved in the complaints, this leads to the breakdown of the project but obviously (at this stage) neither Warner, nor Mel Gibson were affected and the work on the film continues.
Deadline reports that three stars have entered early talks to join the cast of The Wild Bunch, and these are Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage and Jamie Fox. There is no information that the contracts (of any of the creative team) have been finalized, but that should happen soon, as (according to Deadline sources) filming should start this autumn.

By the way, until their cameras really do start rolling in the autumn (or anytime soon), we will remain skeptical about the making of this remake, not because of Mel Gibson’s problematic participation in the project, but because Warner have been planning this movie for a long time and nothing has come of it. We will not be surprised if everything falls to ruin yet again. But if this movie sees the light of day, we prefer it to be in this version – with Gibson at the front and with actors as mentioned above. Not that they will guarantee quality (take not of The Magnificent Seven), but still…

Deadline also announces that The Wild Bunch will be Mel Gibson’s first directing project after the Hacksaw Ridge nominated for Oscar, which makes us wonder about the status of the Passion of the Christ sequel, which, according to some sources, should be filming at the moment. But we suppose we will soon have information.
The second screenwriter of The Wild Bunch is Bryan Begby, whose only other title is L.I.N.X.. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, but alas, his name does have the same ring to as it did in the 1980s, 90s and the very beginning of the 21st century.
We will continue to follow the project and mention everything interesting about it.

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