New Premiere Dates For The Sequels of Avatar and Star Wars

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Chance and fate be praised that not so many things in our lives depend on Disney! However, James Cameron’s life-work is proving inextricably linked to the whims of the mighty studio. The expectations of several generations who know and love the heroes of his super successful “Avatar” are again cheated and pounded to a far farther future because … Disney acquired 20th Century Fox!

Now the “House of the Mouse” imposes an unprecedented new schedule in which (somehow) by default part of the Christmas weekends are preserved for … the next thing in the Star Wars universe. Although we have become somewhat indifferent to any news related to one of our most beloved series in the world of cinema ever, which has collapsed tremendously and the love in our hearts has been drained out without leaving a drop of hope. Our nostalgia for the original trilogy will not be blunted, but this does not prevent us from being realistic about Disney’s present and the indiscretion towards George Lucas’s legacy …

So, Mr Cameron, who is deeply respected by us, has devoted his life to Pandora, and after deciding that the story there is worthy of being told not in two but in four extensions, it has already become clear that the first of them will not be seen in 2020 (as we had hoped), but a year later. And not to beat his own revenue record every following year (we wish him to achieve this but we still have to see how he has done this ambitious task!), Cameron will have to plan premieres in odd years until 2027, as Disney keeps the even Christmas weekends for the still untitled films from the endless Star Wars series … So the “Avatar” sequels will not have ended almost 20 years after the premiere of the first movie! And under the “leadership” of the new Fox owners, Cameron will not have much of a chance to quit working on movies 4 and 5 if accidentally 2 and 3 do not “do the job” – if it earns revenue, it has to be put on screen …

Here are some changes that occurred in the draft as a result of internal reorganizations of the studio:

Disney’s “Artemis Fowl” has been moved from August 2019 to May 29 2020.
Fox’s “The New Mutants” will be delayed until April 3, 2020.
Fox’s “The Art of Racing in the Rain” is pulled forward for August 9 2019.
Fox’s science fiction “Ad Astra” starring Brad Pitt was moved to September 20 2019, in connection with the awards season…
Blue Sky Studios (Fox Animation Studio) has moved “Spies in Disguise” from September to Christmas 2019.

And here’s how 2019 and 2020 look after Disney and Fox’s “creative” castling:

5/10/19 – Fox Searchlight – “Tolkien”
5/24/19 – Disney – “Aladdin”
6/7/19 – Fox – “Dark Phoenix”
6/21/19 – Disney – “Toy Story 4”
7/12/19 – Fox – “Stuber”
7/19/19 – Disney – “The Lion King”
8/9/19 – Fox – “The Art of Racing in the Rain”
8/23/19 – Fox Searchlight – “Ready or Not”
9/20/19 – Fox – “Ad Astra”
10/4/19 – Fox – “The Woman in the Window”
10/18/19 – Disney – “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”
11/15/19 – Fox – “Ford v. Ferrari ”
11/22/19 – Disney – “Frozen 2”
12/20/19 – Disney – “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”
12/25/19 – Fox – “Spies in Disguise”
1/10/20 – Fox – “Underwater”
2/14/20 – Fox – “Untitled Kingsman Movie”
2/21/20 – Fox – “Call of the Wild”
3/6/20 – Disney – “Onward”
3/27/20 – Disney – “Mulan”
4/3/20 – Fox – “The New Mutants”
5/1/20 – Disney – “Untitled Marvel”
5/29/20 – Disney – “Artemis Fowl”
6/19/20 – Disney – “Untitled Pixar Animation”
7/3/20 – Fox – “Free Guy”
7/17/20 – Fox – “Bob’s Burgers”
7/24/20 – Disney – “Jungle Cruise”
8/14/20 – Disney – “The One and Only Ivan”
10/9/20 – Fox – “Death on the Nile”
11/6/20 – Disney – “Untitled Marvel”
11/6/20 – Fox – “Ron’s Gone Wrong”
11/25/20 – Disney – “Untitled Disney Animation”
12/18/20 – Fox – “West Side Story”
12/23/20 – Disney – “Cruella”

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