Nicolas Cage in the “10 Double Zero” by the Writer of “Green Book” Nick Vallelonga

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Where to start with the indescribable news about the latest crazy project we’ve learned, called “10 Double Zero”. In the lead role in this hardcore action, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll see Nicholas Cage. The screenplay was written by one of the main screenwriters of the “Green Book” – Oscar winner Nick Vallelonga, in partnership with Paul Sloan, author of “I Am Wrath”. The director will be Christian Sesma, whose films have only been released directly on DVD.

“10 Double Zero” is described as an action thriller revolving around two police officers who are hired to prosecute people who kill other policemen. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival with the incredible description of a thriller that blends old school gloomy approach with the innovative “Sicario” style that immediately leads us to the conclusion that expectations are entirely within the normal range and that everyone involved has a very mature self-assessment.

But let’s not be too sarcastic. We will say the following: Naturally, Nicholas Cage is a legend in Hollywood. He may be a bit crazy, but he has earned the audience’s unceasing interest, and in the last year he has even gained his previous respect for the role he has played in the cult phenomenon “Mandy” and Spider-man noir’s incredible voicing in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. Cage is a person who may not have been making quality films for years, but we would never have accused him of apathy. He’s always 100% Nick Cage, and we would like to see him being Nick Cage until the very end of the world.

We are more skeptical about the rest of the team. Nick Vallelonga is an Oscar-winner, but no matter what anyone thinks about the “Green Book” in general, it is still his father’s story, Vigo Mortensen’s character in real life. We have no other indication of the quality of Vallelonga as a screenwriter. And as far as Christian Sesma and Paul Sloan’s career goes, when we opened their iMDB pages and saw only the posters of the films they worked on, it became very clear why we were not familiar with these titles.

But what of that? We would never refuse a high-budget action with Nicholas Cage in the lead role. “10 Double Zero” is also described by its producers as “commercially oriented, made to entertain the audience around the world”, which means it will not be taken too seriously so as to kill the potential funny craziness of the project. And actually we can never know where the next “Mandy” will come from. Here is the full synopsis:

Situated against amidst Louisiana’s suffocating heat, two policemen take a personal vendetta against the murderers of other policemen, but as they get closer to solving the crime, they are increasingly entangled in a police conspiracy when the investigation begins to point to them.

Shooting of “10 Double Zero” starts in July. We will have our eyes peeled for news.

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