The Wachowskis Prepare a New Movie From the Matrix Universe

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This is Rumor Control. Here’s the facts! For some time we’ve been talking about the upcoming reboot of “The Matrix”. It was known that the creators of the original trilogy Lana and Lilly (born Laurence and Andrew) Wachowski would not be among the creative cast. A fact that, for the many admirers of the series, sounded like sacrilege.

Yesterday, however, in an interview with Yahoo Movies UK, on ??the premiere of John Wick 3, director Chad Stahelski, stunt double of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix and cascade coordinator in the two sequels, shared the information that the Wachowskis will still be involved in the upcoming new movie, but it is not clear if they will direct it. Good news, which, alas, proved inaccurate.

Here’s the original quote that circulated around the internet:

I’m very happy that the Wachowskis are not only are making the “new” Matrix, but they will expand what we all love. And if it’s close to the level of what they’ve done, just a call like “hey, we want to be a stuntman,” will be enough, and I’m probably gonna get hit by a car.

When asked to clarify whether the Wachowskis will direct and whether they are involved Stahelski added:

I’m not sure in general. I’m not sure Lana will [direct]. But yes. And if they need help, I would absolutely leave what I do to help them.

Great, but as we said, this information turned out to be inaccurate. For confirmation of the story, they are linked to representatives of Chad Stahelski who say that Stachelski’s response was in connection with a hypothetical scenario in which the Wachowskis would have been implicated and he did not confirm that they were involved in the new film .

So sorry, guys! At this point, the new Matrix is ??without the original creators. A new “Matrix” will most likely be created. We have discussed it in light of the contemporary film landscape, full of sequels, remakes, reboots and shared and expanded universes and, given the popularity of the series, a new movie is a no brainer. Moreover, from the premiere of the first film passed exactly 20 (!) years. You can start feeling old… now!

We do not want to discuss what is known about this project so far, but the information coming from Zack Penn (writer of “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “Ready Player One” who is hired to write the first draft) is that it’s not a reboot but a continuation of franchise that can explore other characters. Regarding Keanu Reeves, we think that if they ask him, he will return as Neo, even if Wachowskis do not write and direct this film, which is his condition for participation.

We’ll wait and see what happens.

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