WinArmy 95 | Funniest Wins Compilation from FailArmy 1995

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  • Uploaded 5 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Before we started posting Fails, we would fire up our Pentium Processors and compile wins for you guys.

    Sure the internet was dial-up and I was 7 years old, but the compilations weren't too bad.

    What do you think? Let us know your thoughts down below, enjoy the aesthetic, and Salute!

    Shout out to StereoCool for the song.

    Scoop that up here:

    Shout out to FrankJavCee for the endcard music.

    Check him out here:

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    Original Links:
    Synchronized Jet Ski Backflip and Beer Chug
    Guy Rides Skateboard in Trashcan
    Man Sideflips Up Stairs
    Cat Squeezes through Sliding Glass Door
    Woman Crushes Watermelon with Legs
    Drunk Guy Performs Somersault over Six People
    Cheerleader Sinks Half-Court Shot
    Jet Skier Lands Double Backflip off Boat Wave
    Girl Rollerblades Backwards on One Wheel
    Man Dives into Pool from Insane Height
    Two Skiers Do Frontflip on Grass
    Skateboarder Does Kick Flip on Paddleboard
    Amazing Acrobat Tricks by Stuntmen Duo
    Parkour and Freerunning Wins Series Ends in Fail
    Amazing Stunt Dogs
    skateboarder Performs Amazing Tricks at Skate Park
    Guy Bounces on Trampoline and Skates on His Hands
    Cat Makes a Good Catch
    Guy Slam Dunks Ball over Friend's Head
    Skimboarder Transfers from One Board to Another
    Man Makes Full Court Basketball Shot
    Fire Breather Performs Amazing Trick
    High-Heeled Girl Juggles Soccer Ball RM
    Soccer Girl Performs Tricks Lying Down
    Hugging Flip Into Pool
    Man's Friends Give Him More Balls to Juggle
    Daredevil Plays on Top of Skyscrapers
    Parkour Enthusiast Clears Huge Roof Gap
    Kid Makes Frisbee Trick Shot
    Guy Plays Knife Game Dangerously Fast
    Impressive Tricycle Drifting
    Extreme Whip Cracking
    Kid Dodges Opponent and Makes Homerun
    Basketball Juggling Trick Shot
    Man Climbs Bridge and Jumps into Water
    Girl Performs Handstand on Side of Pool
    Men in Pool Bounce Soccer Ball into Basketball Hoop
    Guy Rides Magic Carpet down Street

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