Funny Spring Loaded & Trampoline Fails Compilation || By FailArmy

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  • Uploaded 5 years ago in the category Entertainment

    Spring has sprung.

    So get sprung with some spring loaded fails.

    Trampolines? Check.

    Other types of spings? Check.

    Rubber bands and stuff? Check.

    Let us know your thoughts down below, and Salute!

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    Original Links:
    Grown Man Falls off Spring Animal
    Girl Jumps off Trampoline and Faceplants
    Guy on Pogo Stick Falls on Cooler
    Stilts Race Faceplant
    Trampoline Rolls Through Town during Storm
    Trampoline Backwards Jump Onto Fence Fail
    Little Boy Purposely Hits Face with Sign
    Roof Jump to Trampoline Fail
    Great Dane Jumping on the Trampoline
    Girl Falls off Pogo Stick onto Chair
    Trampoline Jump Onto Fence Fail
    Guy on Pogo Stick Fails Hard
    Girl Jumps on Trampoline then Faceplants off It
    Kid Smashes Friend's Nuts with Pogo Stick in Botched Stunt
    Kids On Trampoline Funny Backflip To Faceplant
    Little Kid Teeter-Totter Falls into Hole
    Guy Lands on Back Attempting to do Back Flip on Jumping Stilts
    Big Hoodie Guy Breaks Trampoline Leg
    Underwear Jumping Trampoline Fail
    Kid Almost Flies out of Trampoline Cage
    Guy Falls off Trampoline and Gets Humped by Dog
    Little Boy Pogo Stick Faceplant
    Trampoline Backflip Hits Hip and Falls
    Bouncy Shoes Break after Flip
    Boy Gets Slingshot to Face
    Trampoline Breaks Under Jumpers
    Trampoline Breaks under Boy's Weight
    Pogo Stick Faceplant
    Trampoline Kids Have A Funny Face Kick Accident
    Pogo Stick Breaks Through Deck
    Drunk Guy Falls off Playground Toy
    Dog Jumps Up to Peak through Window
    Guy Hits Butt on Trampoline
    Man with Trampoline Causes Traffic Jam
    Guy on Pogo Stick Attempts Backflip
    Guy Falls Off Playground Surfboard
    Trampoline Jump Nutshot
    Trampoline to Pool Jump Fail
    Trampoline Rolling along the Road
    Trampoline Gets Blown onto Neighbor's Roof
    Ladder to Trampoline Double Backflip Fail
    Guy Jumps towards Trampoline and Smashes Nuts

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